Susan is at it again, and you should read it

Seriously, another terrific post at YEAH, AND ANOTHER THING pops forth from Susan, and she is on top of things.

Go read it, willya?

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Here are NESN’s Heidi Watney and Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe during a rain delay last night, before the Red Sox’ epic collapse in the 9th inning and the Tampa Bay Rays’ stunning comeback to win the American League Wild Card:

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I found the RANDOM SETTING for my Background Picture

So, keep clicking on the title of this here blog and and you’ll get different pictures!  Isn’t it cool?

So where’s the exciting stuff?  Folks, this is the RELAXING, POSITIVE blog.  If you want the hardcore, nasty stuff, go to LeftWingCracker!

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Yes, I know I need to change the Background picture

Later, people, I need to get home first and find a cute picture of the cats or of my sweetie (and get her permission, of course).

I love snow, but it’s not winter and I don’t live in the woods, at least not yet any way.

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Sox Extend Hawk Harrelson through 2015

Mercy! Sox extend Harrelson through 2015 –

So says the Trib; I am pleased, as Steve Stone has helped make Hawk a better broadcaster.  If you’re not a Sox fan, you hate him, if you are, you love him and his Hawkisms like “Mercy!”, “He Gone” and “You Can Put It On The Board, YES!”

It has even spawned a profane and hilarious faux-Hawk Tweeter, @NotHawk, whom I recommend that you follow if you are a baseball fan.

Welcome back, Hawk; don’t ever leave.

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Ok, I want you to read this!

My pal Susan Wilson has an incredible blog called YEAH, AND ANOTHER THING, and it is terrific.  What, don’t believe me?  Go read for yourself!

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I’m not even sure why I am here, but I am

Hi, I’m Steve, and you probably know me more from my other blogs, LeftWingCracker, Celtic Craichead, and the late, much lamented Speak to Power.

This is going to be my NON-political blog, where I write about sports and random things, I hope you will enjoy it.  The title has been in the back of my mind for a while, and I will post randomly here.

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