Pictures, I got Pictures

Susan and I just went to Chattanooga, and I have some pictures.Susan outside The Bluegrass GrillSusan outside The Bluegrass Grill, which is owned by Father Jonas Worsham, founder of our own Brother Juniper’s.  The menu is similar and the food was delicious.

The Tennessee River, looking east from the Walnut Street pedestrian bridge.

Looking north toward the Northshore in the ‘Nooga.

Looking East from Point Park on Lookout Mountain; this is part of the Chattanooga and Chickamauga National Military Park.

Bea’s Restaurant in Chattanooga, at 4500 Dodds.  OH MY GOODNESS.  Each table is round with eight chairs/place settings. The upper level is a lazy susan where plates of food are continually placed, it is all you can eat.  The food is amazing, but there were NO greens, my only (slight) complaint.  If you are in the ‘Nooga, GO THERE.

We found this bench at the Chattanooga Farmer’s Market, it was a little out of our range but cool nonetheless; the gentleman takes used pallets and makes benches, chairs, and tables from them.  I sat on the chair and it was comfortable and sturdy.

I thought his logo looked great, by the way.

Finally, we hit the Aquarium, which is a MUST-SEE.  It has two buildings, the River Journey and the Ocean Journey, and everyone should see it. Here’s our friend the shark!

A wonderful weekend, and our thanks to Bryan and Jonathan for being great hosts!

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Another reason it feels good to be a Cubs fan today.

Why? Because the Cubs’ new president of baseball, Theo Epstein, wrote this warm letter of farewell to Boston Red Sox fans in the Globe today. For some reason, that made me think of this, and don’t ask me why:

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Why? Because I am a CUBS fan, that’s why!

Hat tip to Jonah Keri at Grantland!

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Ah, memories…

As Chicagoist reminds us, Paul Simon, who visits Mud Island on October 29 on his 25th Anniversary of GRACELAND Tour, turns 70 years old today.  70.  Damn, I’m old; happy birthday, Paul.

In any event, Chicagoist was kind enough to provide a video of Simon from a 1977 NBC special.  Here, he sings my favorite of all his songs, “STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS”:

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This is AWESOME.

Stolen from my pal Kate Mauldin, who posted to Facebook:

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Is this a cute couple or what?

Photo by Stephanie Sturgis on my iPhone, taken October 1 at the Out of the Blue party at the Millenium Macwell House Hotel in Nashville.

No, I don’t know how I wound up with a good-looking woman, but I am NOT complaining.

Things are brewing in Nashville, will have something up at the Cracker about that later.  I just wanted to show off Susan!

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I got a haircut and a beard trim, and it was more than two bits!

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